Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Mountain CAP VITA Program

Free Income Tax Preparation

up to $64,000.00/year Income


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Below are the steps for Free Electronic Income Tax Preparation:

• You may pick up an intake packet from the receptacle outside the building, take home to complete. Once completed, call the office in your area to schedule a drop off time.

Smyth County Residents contact the Marion Mountain CAP Office located at 602 S. Iron Street, Marion, VA or call 276-783-7337.

Wythe and Bland County Residents contact the Wythe/Bland Mountain CAP Office located at the Open Door Community Center (aka HOPE Ministry Center), 680 W. Main St., Wytheville, VA or call 276-228-5231.

• At scheduled drop-off time, you will need to bring:
o Your completed intake packet
o All income documents such as W2’s, 1099’s etc.
o Photo ID (for you and your spouse)
o Social Security Cards (for you, your spouse & dependents)
o Bank information for direct deposit such as voided check or direct deposit form from your bank. Cannot use deposit slips or hand-written notes.

• Your returns will be prepared and reviewed by the VITA Staff and Volunteers. Once your returns are complete, you will be called to review your returns over the phone.

  • VITA Staff and Volunteers cannot prepare returns outside of VITA Program scope of training.

• *Signing Your Return Options*

o Electronic Signature – You (and your spouse, if applicable) may sign your returns electronically, receive an electronic copy of your returns and receive notification when returns are accepted with your touch screen device through the TaxSlayer Customer Portal.

o In-Person Signature – You may sign hard copies of your returns in person during a pick-up appointment. If married, both you and your spouse must be present at pick up time.

• Your returns will be transmitted once we have obtained your signature(s).




The following are links to free or low cost income tax preparation products. These products prepare your return based on your information and answers to the questions:

H & R Block

(Visit link above for more information about H & R Block free and low-cost options)

Taxslayer Basic Edition File

(Visit link above for more information about Taxslayer Basic Edition File)


(Visit link above for more information about MyFreeTaxes)


YOU MAY WANT TO GO TO Internal Revenue Service Website for free-file options.***