Mt CAP, Inc. began operation in 1965 under Title II of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Our service area is Smyth, Wythe, and Bland counties of southwestern Virginia.??Funds are received from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Federal agencies, and local donations.

Coverage Area

Population Below the Poverty Level,??Percent??by County, ACS 2011-15

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County Population in Poverty, Percent of Total Population Percent of Pop. MoE (+/-) Total Population in Poverty Poverty Population MoE (+/-) Total Population
Bland County 10.85 4.07 621 227 5,725
Smyth County 18.69 1.97 5,815 612 31,119
Wythe County 15.08 2.22 4,356 642 28,891

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